Laravel 8 was released yesterday with a ton of new features and changes. One of those changes was the removal of the default route namespacing.

Although this change is backward-compatible, meaning that older projects that used Laravel 7.x can easily migrate to Laravel 8.x without having to change anything, new projects created in Laravel 8 (starting 8/Sep) have to take this into account.

Many developers have been facing an issue in their newly created Laravel 8 apps where they try to load their routes and they run into an Exception that says something like:

You think you are doing yourself a favor by setting all these long-term goals. You plan to do X and Y in the next year, so you are convinced you are as focused and happy as ever. But you aren’t. Here’s how to turn that around and focus on enjoying the present.

People like you and I, usually create long-term goals and plans. We really want something, but we don’t take action today. We delay it for weeks or months. So instead of enjoying today, we are planning to enjoy it in the future.

That’s what I call living in…

What’s one of the craziest things you’ve done in your life? Did it make you feel scared and exposed? Or excited and fulfilled?

We hear the phrase “get out of your comfort zone” all too often.

Don’t get me wrong, the concept is incredibly powerful and life-changing; but its meaning goes away every time a new guru who hasn’t struggled or faced discomfort says it.

The truth is, the most exhilarating moments of life happen when one steps out from the norm. And that’s no coincidence. The norm is boring and meaningless.

So naturally, the moment you start doing things…

There’s so much talk online about doing what you love, quitting your job, and a lot of great things one can do to grow.

And it’s great advice! There’s no better way to be happy than taking a step back and thinking about what you truly want and then executing.

But that advice is also deeply flawed.

You see, thinking that anyone can do that is naive, and downright meritocratic. It’s not simply about choosing what to do, or thinking about alternatives, or having a positive mindset.

1.89 billion people live in poverty. That’s 36% of the world population.


Life’s not about having all the answers. Nobody has lived through everything. Nobody has it all figured out. Yet, many people act as if they did. Coincidentally, those people are the most unhappy.

Life seems to be a constant fight about being better, smarter, faster, richer. It’s like life for most people, it’s about having the answers to everything, and showing off.

But how can life be enjoyed that way? How can we find interesting relationships, or engage in interesting conversations if all we focus on is on the answers? On our answers.

By doing that, you get nothing. You…

We all have our objectives wrong. So many people spend their whole life trying to make more money.

It’s an endless pursuit. They think that having money will make them happy, so they keep hoarding it. But they never stop to think about what they actually want.

Money is a necessary evil. Sadly, most pleasures in life require some money. And the reality is that without a baseline amount, there are so many basic needs that can’t be met, and stress and worries necessarily take over.

But for the rest? We just want more. More money, more power, more material…

You’ve probably seen SpaceX’s latest rocket prototype blow up.

Before exploding, they managed to launch, belly-flop, and land that flying water-tower. Kaboom or not, that’s outstanding.

But as fascinated as I am, I’m more interested in how they keep growing the public’s interest.

When they tested the first prototypes, there were a few thousand nerds watching. Now, every time they go live, there are millions.

But rockets used to bore the general public. What’s SpaceX’s secret?

They are doing what we in the Twitterverse call Learn In Public. …

Picture millions of dollars. Mansions, cool destinations, adventures. Now, look around. Are you alone? Nope, I didn’t think so.

Life’s about connection. Making friends, laughing, enjoying, caring, and interacting with people.

I went traveling 2 years ago, and although I visited most major cities in Europe, I don’t think I’ve been to more than a dozen landmarks. I didn’t go traveling to see buildings, I went to meet people. I went to get to know as many amazing human beings as I could.

The best moments in life are those when we open up. What’s the most beautiful memory you…

Taking action… That little bastard.

You want to achieve something, so you start doing research. You do research, go deeper, take a step back, do some more. But you never take action.

This happens to everyone. Including you.

We are all so afraid of the “what if”, that we get paralyzed. We go around in circles. We convince ourselves that we are not ready and never take the step forward.

In reality, it’s just our fears talking. And we need to overcome them.

Life’s not about research. It’s about action.

Reading books about developing relationships won’t help you make friends…

Every creator tries to find their niche. Their personal brand. But it’s a really hard process! How can you figure out what people want to learn from you? There’re all these things you care about, how do you pick one?

Most people think their niche needs to be about a single topic: “I write about business”, or marketing, or sales, or stoicism. But your personal brand is about the whole you. It’s about the many topics you care about.

If your audience wanted to learn business, they wouldn’t be following you. They want to learn business from your perspective.


Juan Litvin

A young mind wanting to share his views and give a voice to the empowerment of minorities.

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