Don’t let money make you miserable

We all have our objectives wrong. So many people spend their whole life trying to make more money.

It’s an endless pursuit. They think that having money will make them happy, so they keep hoarding it. But they never stop to think about what they actually want.

Money is a necessary evil. Sadly, most pleasures in life require some money. And the reality is that without a baseline amount, there are so many basic needs that can’t be met, and stress and worries necessarily take over.

But for the rest? We just want more. More money, more power, more material stuff, more everything. But we all have an upper limit. There’s always a number you can calculate that’s all you need to stop worrying.

Try it! Take a monthly income you need. Multiply by 12 months, times the number of years till you are 100. Then add extra money for big expenses: buying houses, expensive hobbies, traveling. Then add a 50% buffer.

With that number in front of you, take the weight off your shoulders. Does it mean you cannot try to get more? No. Do you have to stop once you reach it? Not at all.

This is not about limiting yourself. It’s about learning what you NEED, so after that, whatever you do becomes a choice. It’s no longer about needing, nor about hoarding with fear of running out, it’s about choosing what to do.

So stop focusing on money. Understand what makes you happy, find your monetary upper limit, and enjoy the rest.

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