I found my niche. Here’s how you can find yours.

Every creator tries to find their niche. Their personal brand. But it’s a really hard process! How can you figure out what people want to learn from you? There’re all these things you care about, how do you pick one?

Most people think their niche needs to be about a single topic: “I write about business”, or marketing, or sales, or stoicism. But your personal brand is about the whole you. It’s about the many topics you care about.

If your audience wanted to learn business, they wouldn’t be following you. They want to learn business from your perspective.

Give them that! Find the topics that you truly care about, and write about them. That middle ground, where everything connects? That’s your niche.

A fellow writer told me he didn’t know whether to write about philosophy or sales. My answer? About both! Write about what they have in common, and where they complement! That’s your unique value proposition.

Your audience doesn’t want to learn X, they want to learn X from you.

I started off thinking I’d be writing about business. In 16 days, I’ve only written 3 essays on that topic. And what did I find out? I realized what I truly wanted to write about: personal growth and enjoying life.

I’m really passionate about it. And it’s my goal to base my life around that: being happy. But do you know what else I realized?

I don’t just want to enjoy life and grow. I want to help others do the same. I want to help more people escape the sad, autopilot life, and live one they don’t regret.

If I can help a single person, then I’m happy. But I deeply hope I can change the lives of many along the way.

Happy writing.

A young mind wanting to share his views and give a voice to the empowerment of minorities.