You’ve been leaving Action out. Here’s how you let it back into your life.

Taking action… That little bastard.

You want to achieve something, so you start doing research. You do research, go deeper, take a step back, do some more. But you never take action.

This happens to everyone. Including you.

We are all so afraid of the “what if”, that we get paralyzed. We go around in circles. We convince ourselves that we are not ready and never take the step forward.

In reality, it’s just our fears talking. And we need to overcome them.

Life’s not about research. It’s about action.

Reading books about developing relationships won’t help you make friends, talking to people will. Market research won’t make your business successful, closing clients will.

Yet, most of us stand at the edge of action, and stop. We read a book and never implement its teachings. We work on something for a long time, but never ship it.

Inaction is dangerous because it halts progress. It’s our way of giving in.

So, simply stop.

Stop over-researching. Stop over-thinking. Stop over-excusing. You know how to proceed. You can do it. You just need to give yourself a little push.

This is your push. What’s that thing you’ve been delaying? What action have you been procrastinating on? What’s stopping you, and how can you overcome it?

Quit researching. Start taking action.

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